New Delhi | 06 Jul, 2019 (3 years, 11 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

Why NON-NET and NET qualified students receive an stipend so much lower than a J

I want to draw attention of the vice chancellor or the appropriate authority regarding this issue of disparity with the students enrolled in the same programme and studying the same course after being selected through the same rigorous process. So why is it that Non - NET and NET qualified get such a meagre sum of ₹5000/- per month and on the contrary a JRF holder ₹30000/-+ HRA for the same programme. I propose either all being treated alike or ₹20000/- for Non-NET, ₹25000/- for NET. How, where and to whom should I make an appeal?

Dear Sir,
You may file PIL before High Court and see that your stipend is increased on par with others.


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