New Delhi | 24 Mar, 2021 (2 years, 2 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

we are near 35 employee ..and want our dues..

dear sir/madam...we are near about 35 employee in a IT delhi base firm.. 27 September 2020 company said to all that resign today and mention 30 september will be your last day. we all resigned 27 sep/2020.we will give you october salery..actually our company had AMC of a site.our company decided not to take amc for next did not give any notice to us but said to us give resign and find your job.we all were working on the behalf of company. amc bill cleared and around 7 lakh deducted from all amc value for last two quater bill. company saying 700000 rs will be diveded all employee and you all will have to pay. now company saying we will not give any salery and you resigned without one month notice so you will have to give one month if my salery is 15000 rs per month and my 6 year gratuity is 62500..than my inhand gratuity will be=62500-one month salery 15000-deduction 700000/35=20000=27500...27500 will be my inhand grautity.what should we do?
24 Mar, 2021 | 16:26

You need to file petition before Labour Officer of your circle.


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