Noida | 13 Jul, 2021 (1 year, 8 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

Uttar Pradesh

I got two job offers one with DOJ 24th May' 21 and another 28th May. Now, i joined company A on 24 may and informed company A on 28 may that i will not be able to continue due to family reasons. Now, on 28 may Friday i submitted the documents and partially completed the onboarding process jof company B. In evening company A approach me and offer to work from home permanently so i decided to go back to company A and dropped an email to company B on Sunday to stop on boarding process and don't process any documents. Now, company B opened the EPF account within 4 days( including weekend). Company A opened PF account lately starting 24 May. Company B made May contribution as well. Without even working for 5 mins or getting any salary for a day company B processed my PF. Now, will i never be able to withdraw my pf on retirement. Practically, i didn't worked for company B but technically they processed my paper for PF. I stopped the claim transfer process now really not sure what to do. Date of exit is still not entered my company B so can i put 28 may or 31 may the day the working day i.e. Monday Company is saying 1 Jun'21 as per records I am saying I didn't worked for 5 mins.

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