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I am working in central government autonomous body. I have joined the post which required degree in Agriculture as the minimum qualification. After joining it's learnt that my pay scale is very low (Level 2 in 7th pay) and not commensurate with qualification. In 2016 Government of India granted professional degree Status to Agriculture degree which is on par with Medical, Veterinary, Engineering. In pursuance of that I submitted a representation to upgrade pay scale on par with other professional degrees requiring Post considering the order of GOI. However our department removed the professional degree in Agriculture requirements for my post and kept Diploma in Agriculture as qualification. Further they kept Agriculture qualification for senior post in other cadre where pay scale is level 6. They stated that department implemented the order prospectively and in future Agriculture graduate will get entry level 6. I have not got any any benefit. Is this right step from department? Can I claim upgradation based on order of GOI?
23 Jun, 2022 | 18:21

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09 Jun, 2022 | 20:37

What is your joining date?
Also, can you share the GOI notification, your representation, their response to your representation and the further circulars wrt to qualification requirement.
To what information you have given, you must file a writ petition in the High Court. Can you please share where are you posted and which is the circular issuing authority?

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09 Jun, 2022 | 20:28

Yes you can claim upgradation to higher pay scale based on GOI order.
File writ petition in High Court of your State for above mentioned relief.

09 Jun, 2022 | 18:03

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