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resignation and buyout

My new company bought me out from previous employer by paying 75k to my account and asked me to pay it to my former employer and asked me not to serve the notice period in previous organisation. Once I joined the new employer, there was nothing mentioned that I have to serve the company for a specific time period. I had to leave the company since I was sick and being harassed for the same because I asked to work from home for four days. I decided to put my resignation. I served there for three months. Along with this they with held my one month salary before I had put down my papers. I was sent a letter that they want me to pay the notice period amount (one month salary during probation) and the buyout amount which was paid by them in the beginning. Additional to this, in no documents that I signed on it was mentioned that this amount will be reimbursed from me under any condition/circumstances. They are giving the reason of behavioural and performance issues and that is why they want the amount back but I put down my papers and they duly accepted the resignation.
17 May, 2022 | 23:38

You may contact us.

Komal Tyagi Advocate
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16 May, 2022 | 21:24

Seems no need to worry.

But you shud verify the offer/appointment letter by a nearby Advocate

16 May, 2022 | 16:56

Please reach me at 9794148274

16 May, 2022 | 15:11

Dear sir
Show me copy of offer or appointment letter and give me details information about the matter then we will discuss your case
You can call me for advise on

16 May, 2022 | 12:46

Sir, I'll provide you certain legal suggestions, but for that i need to ask certain questions from you. For any further assistance, feel free to contact me on my e-mail ""

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