Kolkata | 27 Sep, 2021 (1 year, 8 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

Remedy for violation of Article 14 & Article 21

Three non-teaching staffs were recruited in a govt-aided college in West Bengal through direct recruitment, as no permanent non-teaching staffs were in that college then. However, DPI rejected their governmental approval for their permanency & salary, briefly indicating at anomalies in the selection procedure. Next the Calcutta High Court, when approached separately, set aside all allegations of DPI and ordered for its resolution through discussion within DPI, college & these employees. Again DPI sent them rejection letter showing same reasons. All they approach the court again separately. Court ordered for an affidavit-in-opposition by DPI in all 3 cases. Till date only in 1 case DPI has submitted such affidavit. In 2019, out of these 3, in 1 case, the court gave an ex-party order, showing neither such affidavit-in-opposition nor any DPI representation in the final hearing. Again thanks to local politics, he has been going to college since 2019. Need remedy for these.

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