Bengaluru | 24 Jul, 2019 (3 years, 10 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

PIL Advise: On AP govt law which reserves 75% private jobs for locals

Need advise to file PIL in supreme court on national interest: On AP govt law which reserves 75% private jobs for locals across all levels and almost all industries. This is bound to create national problem. Most important, this is not an affirmative action for poor and minorities but for every local. then: First, it has been made applicable in all levels and all industries; second, even when employees are unskilled, then need to trained by the companies; third, although this will surely hamper investments in AP, however, real impact would be when every state will start enacting similar laws and divide India.

Dear Sir,
It is logically illegal and it has to be challenged because no outsider can come and stay in Telangana State if similar laws are enacted in all the States then every State becomes independent and unity of the Nation will be at risk. Better file PIL in High Court or Supreme Court on National interest as proposed.


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