Pune | 07 Aug, 2021 (1 year, 9 months ago)

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New employer sent me offer acceptance agreement.

Hi, my new employer has sent me a offer letter and also sent me a offer letter acceptance agreement with lots of terms and conditions and asking me to sign it. I am concerned with one term that says I will join the organisation on or before 27th September, but my last working date in current organisation is 4th October. I said this to HR but she says sign it and if there are any changes we will look at it on future days. It also says that I will have to pay 70000 if any terms are breached. I'm concerned before signing it. And looking for expert help. Thanks
08 Aug, 2021 | 07:22

Dear sir
Prior to answer this question I would like to see your appointment letter or offer letter
You can mail me for advise on

07 Aug, 2021 | 23:51

It is very smart of you not to sign the agreement before consulting a professional as sometimes employers may exploit unaware employees. I recommend you share the agreement with a professional for review who can pinpoint the things which go against your interest and thereafter negotiate the same with the employer. For now, ask them to amend the agreement and change your date of joining to a date after 4th of october. You can be honest with your employer that you don't feel comfortable signing an agreement before changes as an agreement once signed can not be changed, only amended.

In case you want the entire offer letter be reviewed please contact: advmayankpatni@gmail.com


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