Kolkata | 15 Jul, 2020 (2 years, 10 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

Need a lawyer for business disput.

I own a gym in my locality. During this covid-19 pandemic I my gym is closed but i had to pay the rent for it. But now I am unable to pay the rent as my all saving is used paying the rent and bank loans that i have taken for the gym. The landlord is not showing any mercy and asking me to evacuate the gym if i am unable to pay the rent. I asked him to take the rent after lockdown periodically but he did not agree. I have 3 years agreement with him but this problem is haunting me like anything.
01 Aug, 2020 | 18:03

You might be able to take benefit of the force majeure clause, if any. Moreover, depending upon actual circumstances, you may not be liable to pay rent depending upon your status of possession. Moreover, the contract may be renegotiated with the assistance of a skilled lawyer.


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