Bengaluru | 25 Apr, 2018 (4 years, 9 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

my startup company hired a person to get vendors, but he's hiding data n cheatin

Ours is a startup ecommerce Business and we recruited few employees to get vendors for our website for selling their products in our website. One of the employee is cheating on us since months and we when tried to get companies data from him, he is directly blackmailing us saying that the data is safe with him and he is not going to us in till he only register the vendors in the vendor panel. Problem is that our website project work which was suppose to finish, is still pending and knowing that he says that give me vendor panel, if I give data you will terminate me so I have to secure my job hiding vendor phone numbers. One side web developers delay and secondly his torture. When ever asked for data, he blakmails that we haven't given him Company's Offer Letter, HR.Allowance form 16 Health Insurance etc. We just filed this year for ROC and for Incometax. Website is under construction n not yet launched even. Without vendors there will be no products in website, so we have to hire someone to get them registered to our site. After requests warnings, he says the sam. Tilldate we paid him nearly 8lakhs as salary. If we terminate him, he may never give data and all our money go waste.
27 Apr, 2018 | 14:22

Dear Sir,
First of all, you need to file a complaint with Cyber Cell of your City for data theft.
Kindly note, in India at present we don’t have proper data privacy law, therefore, It is advisable to execute a Non-Disclosure and Non-Circumvent Agreement with your employees. Also frame an Employee Handbook Policy for your venture to be signed by all are employees.
The documentation covers the legal interest of your venture for any future violation by any of your employees. Moreover, an additional undertaking signed by the employees may protect your venture’s interest in future, even after your employee leaves and join some other organization.
The above mentioned documents are technical in nature, so its advisable to take advise of a lawyer for drafting or else it may cause more damage than the benefits, it supposed to provide.


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