New Delhi | 30 Oct, 2018 (4 years, 3 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

My employer is not paying my salary. What should i do?

I am working in an institute as a trainer. It has been more than 45 days. My employer has not paid my salary yet. And he has kept on saying to pay me soon....but with each passing day it seems a fake promise to me. Kindly tell me what should i do to make him pay as soon as possible.

hi, first you have to send a legal notice to your employer, then you have to initially file a complaint against your employer before the Labor Commissioner of the concerned jurisdiction where the company is located. if it is not settled before the commissioner then, you will receive a letter from the labor department to file a case against the employer before the labor court. the legal proceedings will start there after.... for further consultation, feel free to call me or reach me at 9000129981


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