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Legal be edit and remedy for a working women single parent harrassed by senior b

I am working in government sector and have a 2year old baby to look after. I am separated from my husband though not legally but due to personal issues we are not living together. My issue is that there is nobody to lookafter my child when I have to work. Though I am managing by keeping the child under supervision of my mother who is herself bedridden and us being looked after by others. My 2 year old child is being left with my mother. I attend my office from 9:am to 3pm diligently but the working hours are from 9to4 pm.. many a times I have requested my boss to please relieve me at 3pm daily but she refuses and deliberately gives me work at 3pm or 3:15 pm when I am about to leave to teach home so as to attend my child who is not seen properly. There is no creche facility in my organisation. And due to COVID I can not enroll my child in any creche nearby. My boss harrassed me mentally by asking about my personal relation with my husband that why don't he or his family looks after the child. I told her that it's not possible. But she again and again asks me to stay till 4pm. And the irony is she has given permission to a male colleague to reach office by 12noon without objecting it
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