Pune | 23 Oct, 2018 (4 years, 7 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

Left a company in one day, now they are asking to pay amount

Hi, I have joined a company and have done all the formalities for joining. After my joining i left for home and on the same day i got an opportunity which was more satisfying. So i have mailed the HR of my first company that i won't be continuing with the job. After few days i started getting reminders to join the company again and it was written that i am on unauthorized leave. After 2 notices i have finally received a termination letter stating to pay 2 months salary to the company as i have not served the notice period. Now i have got a mail for full and final settlement and they are asking for Rs. 1,73,000/-. I have not even started to work in that company also have not attended any training as i was in that company for just 5 Hours. Do i need to pay the amount?? Or is there a legal issue?? Please help.
Riya Malhotra
23 Sep, 2019 | 16:57

Thank You for your query. We can get it done for you. Request you to send us an email and your phone number so that the customer ops team can reach you out. Also you can contact us at 8448948496


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