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Employment and Labour Laws


employee was working with X company. He resigned and completed the notice period. However during the notice period there was some company material has been accessed through personal email. They informed that to the ex employee after last working day & made an alligation of code of conduct violation. However asked employee to come and delete the available materials which was folloed by employee & they forced too write an apology letter as well.. Now they have hold back the relieving, service letter & full and final. Sent a Show cause notice to employee for IT policy violation. Employee has legft the organization 2mnoths back. However they are telling that they will issue a termination letter to employee during full and final settlement. Is it legal that after resignation acceptance & further to completing the notice period, can they issue a termination after 2 months of last working day and if they do what should be the next step for employee to proove his side?
02 Jun, 2023 | 18:40

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