Udaipur | 03 Jul, 2020 (2 years, 11 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

Is this fair to ask to serve notice period with deferred salary?

Company has offered to work with 50 : salary, which i denied. Now they are asking to serve notice period . Does law says that employee is bound to serve the notice period with deducted salary and if yes then where is our rights? I am already facing money crisis and company is forcing me to serve them without paying me as per agreement.
03 Jul, 2020 | 19:11

The Company has to pay as per the appointment letter.
If you wish to put in your papers and quit immediately, an amount for notice period (as per appointment letter) shall be deducted from your Full and Final settlement.
However, if you serve the notice period, you shall be paid the FULL Amount/Salary for the notice period as per the appointment letter.

Asker 03 Jul, 2020 | 20:23

Thanks a lot sir for guidance.


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