Pune | 18 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 9 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

Illegal termination of employment

Dear friends Request your kind help Company issued Show cause notice with allegations without any evidence. When employee proved allegations are incorrect the company issued termination letter mentioning clause "Either party can terminate this employment agreement by providing a written notice or payment of basic pay in lieu of such notice to the other party" Is such termination letter in labour court acceptable. No domestic enquiry held by employer. Though the ground for termination was show cause notice the company never mentioned allegations in termination letter. Company is MNC & No certified standing order of company is available.
19 Jun, 2021 | 21:52


Looks like from the employment contract clause that you have mentioned, they don't need to give specific reasons to terminate you. Contractually they seem to be obligated to give you notice period, which you say they have given. So, your claim has to be on some other grounds and not on this.

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19 Jun, 2021 | 04:46

Dear sir
Please show me copy of termination letter
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