Noida | 08 Aug, 2021 (1 year, 9 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

Illegal job termination threat from director and life threat from businespartner

My friend is working in a mnc in sales profile, last year he closed an order and got the po which was his job profile, and after that his that account was given to someone else as the change in management happened so now that account is handled by someone else. Now the partner through which my friend got the po after an year is after my husband due to some factory issues as wrong material supplied. He requested that partner to talk to concerned person who handles account now. But the partner is threatening him to commit suicide if my friend does not resolves his issue within 2 days technically which is not possible and requires atleast 10-15 days. When my friend looped the management in the mail hoping that management's legal team will take necessary action against the partner for threatening employee but to our surprise the management( Director) is blaming my friend as all his fault and asking him to search for another job as of he will not be settle the issue he will pass that mail to the legal team of company which will ultimate result to fire him. I just wanted to know what are our rights, and what can we do to secure the job .

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