Hyderabad | 15 Mar, 2021 (1 year, 10 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

If a Pvt Ltd Company ask to leave without any reason after serving 13 years

Hello sir, This is Gopi Dayakar Pulipaka, aged 52 years. I am working as Executive Secretary to Managing Director of a company. Recently my MD has problem with the management and the management has removed from the MD position. I had requested my HR to place me another department or any other units of the company. But they are not at all responding for the last two months. I feel embracing for sitting idle. I am worrying if any day the HR will ask me to leave the company. Is there any legal proceedings to claim compensation if the things happened like that. The company showing my job is a permanent in the payslips. Basing on that last year I have taken a housing loan and also a car loan. The total EMI comes to around 45k per month. My present salary is 52K per month. I am most worried if company removes from the organisation what is my fate. Please let me know I can fight with the company for my compensation for the left over service.

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