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Employment and Labour Laws

I was dismissed in 1999. Same was challenged before CGIT. CGIT passed an Award i

I was dismissed in 1999. Same was challenged before CGIT. CGIT passed an Award in 2006 by directing Management to replacement of punishment of dismissal to CRS with 50% back wages since date of the punishment order with all consequential benefits to till date of Award of CGIT. Management/Applicant filed a writ before High Court of Karnataka. High Court allowed Management WP and passed an order reducing back wages from 50% to 40% and all other are confirmed CGIT Award. Management by not allowing any consequential benefits paid 40% back wages. PF also paid 40%, Gratuity is paid 40%. Subsequently full PF was paid. Petition filed before the ALC(C) Gratuity authority under the Payment of Gratuity Act. Authority passed an order 40 % is only back wages till the date of Award. all other purpose is need to consider full wages last full pay drawn by the Employee. to pay full gratuity with interest. Same was paid with interest. on the basics of the this order full Gratuity Calculation sheet is not furnished by the Bank nor corrected. Now pension is granted instead of full pension Bank is calculated only 40% pension on the 40 gratuity calculation. Not considered full payment of Gratuity paid.
01 Jul, 2021 | 14:45

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To answer this question I would like to see copy of judgement
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