Bengaluru | 01 Dec, 2022 (6 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

I left an organization before the bond period and now they sent me legal notice

So in the month of December 2021, I was offered a position of Trainee developer and if all goes well then I would be offered a position of Developer. The stipend for the training was said to be 15k and the developer position was 4LPA (fixed). I was told that I would be working with Java and big data (during the interviews and I have no proof of that). The company is mainly focused on SAP. This is important to the story. So during my starting days they made me to go to the SAP PI/PO team. I undergone about 7 - 10 days of training there. I was trained by an employee of their. During that training phase I informed my HR that I do not want to work in SAP and to please give me coding related projects (mainly Java). So they transfered me to some internal team. I was trained with "YouTube" videos and a couple of Udemy courses which costed less than 1K. There was only one udemy account and there was a couple of us who shared the same account. So the course was not bought specifically to me. Then I did project after completing the courses and videos. After that I was on bench a few days and I was given a training on one of their internal framework, which has no real world value
04 Dec, 2022 | 13:07

You may issue a reply to their legal notice as early as possible vide a lawyer or in person and counter their points/allegations leveled against you. Thank you.
Feel free to contact me at in case you wish to discuss your matter in details and/or avail legal drafting assistance. Thank you.
Adv Vaidehi Samant


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