Guwahati | 21 Sep, 2019 (3 years, 8 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

How should be the company shares be divided

Our company has 2 places of business. I am employing one person in each place of business. I want to pay them 50% of profit(instead of salary) from their respective place of business to them. Say, Person p1 work2 in Place of Business POB1 and Person p2 works in place of Business POB2. Now from POB1 50-50 profit will be split between me and p1 and from POB2 50-50 will be split between me and p2. what will be the procedure to do that?

Dear Sir,
Please share your all details with local chartered accountant and get appropriate advice.

Riya Malhotra
23 Sep, 2019 | 16:52

Thank You for your query. We can get it done for you. Request you to send us an email and your phone number so that the customer ops team can reach you out. Also you can contact us at 8448948496.


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