Pune | 05 Mar, 2020 (2 years, 11 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

How can I get my client to pay me as a freelancer?

I am freelance writer (work from home). I was hired on a monthly retainer by an individual claiming to start a new company. I sent him the usual typed contract, which he accepted, after he accepted my quotation. He agreed to pay me a monthly compensation instead of following the typical 'per word model.' For the initial days, there was no work. I wrote one article for him and asked him for more work. But he maintained that he was busy and didn't have the funding yet. When the pay-day neared, he complained about how I hadn't worked for him. This was in December 2019. I tried to reason with him but the man kept delaying saying he was busy. I didn't work because he didn't give me work. I understand that he still needs to pay because how is his funding my concern? I spoke to a retired lawyer and showed him the contract and screenshots of the conversation and he confirmed that I was in the right. The client isn't bothered by legal actions because he thinks I'm 'just another freelancer,' which is why he hasn't paid me yet. Also, this is pretty common in the freelance industry. I have filed a police complaint but things are a bit slow there. What can I do?
19 Jun, 2020 | 06:24

You can also send him a formal legal notice through a lawyer threatening to take appropriate action against him if he fails to pay.


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