Dehradun | 13 Nov, 2021 (1 year, 4 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

Get terminated from my company without any warning notice

Respected sir/Mam, I am Manish Negi work for SISL company in a contract base and my job designation was Co-pilot on field. I gave continuous service since one year and though this time period their is no single complaint against me, Infact I got appreciated by my seniors for my work but suddenly I got a Mail that I am terminated from SISL organization because they got a complaint against me for misbehaved with my seniors and when I asked to the concern member of SISL organization that whom make a complaint against me and I didn't knew about it anything so please tell me the name so that I can tell them there is some misunderstanding and I wrote this on mail(reply section) but my organization didn't reveal the name. Then after that I personally call to the manager of SISL organization and told him that there is some misunderstanding and I got a termination letter without any prior notice/warning letter, I also told him that I gave my one year to this organisation and I done multiple of task which was given to me but he denied all my words. After that I called to my serveyor whom I attached with last and ask him that is he make any complaint and he said he didn't make complaint
14 Nov, 2021 | 14:16

Hi Manish
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