Ahmedabad | 09 Jun, 2020 (2 years, 11 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

Full and final letter

My next company is asking for F&F letter of my previous company, but I don't have this. They had given me F&F letter but with the wrong issued year, then I sent that with attachment from maild and they accepted that, and said they will send with correction but not received. My next company had sent a clarification mail about exit formalities but they also lied, that exist formalities has not been done from employee end. What should I do now if my previous company does not give me F&F letter.
19 Jun, 2020 | 05:29

I think the most appropriate legal remedy to get the F&F letter from your previous company will be sending a formal 'legal notice' to them. Such legal notices are sent under the letterhead of a lawyer.
In the notice, the lawyer has to specify in detail how it is the responsibility of the company to provide with the F&F letter and if the company fails to do so, you will be compelled to take legal action against them in the Court.
Usually, a well-drafted legal notice does the job.


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