New Delhi | 08 Nov, 2022 (4 months, 2 weeks ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

EPFO wrongly charged

I am owning a single-person Pvt. Ltd. company that deals in Language translation services Started a new venture of Facility management April 2015 Even though we were not fallen into the minimum staffing requirement obligations of the PF department still we had taken PF No. in May 2015 hoping to get business from reputed clients. But due to no staffing with us till July 2015 so we did not paid PF amount, once we had staffing so we started paying PF amount and paid in the month of July/Aug and Sep 2015. we faced loss and were forced to shut this venture in August 2015, and thereafter we did not work in this field. Also surrendered ESI No. and the same was updated in the month of October 2015 to ESI Inspector during the inspection. we did not paid PF from September 2015 onwards. Also updated the same to EPFO on 07/09/16 against their notice AND RECEIVED ACKNOWLEDGMENT FROM THEM. On 29/08/22 another notice was received against which replied the documents as balance sheet till FY and update the inspector about the previous notice too still, Now Received a notice from EPFO to pay 32,65,000 approx amount as a charge. Need to understand the action should take

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