Mumbai | 12 Oct, 2021 (1 year, 5 months ago)

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Employer witholding arrears because of resignation, is this legal?

I received an appraisal at work which was confirmed on email in June but I was supposed to receive it with arrears from April. At the end of August, I received half my arrears and around that time was told I need to sign an appraisal letter which came with new terms and conditions which weren't discussed previously. I resigned in September and now my employer won't clear my arrears without me signing a relieving letter which rephrases some of those terms from the appraisal letter that I didn't sign. Can my employer legally do this?
12 Oct, 2021 | 06:16

Dear sir
I would like to see your offer letter or appointment letter
Ofcourse your employer is done illegal act
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12 Oct, 2021 | 00:36

No. But it is also an obvious thing that he will not release your arrears easily. You'll have to adopt legal measures regarding that.
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