Howrah | 03 Feb, 2021 (2 years, 4 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

Employer paying me less internship

I'm doing this virtual internship. I am.given a lot of work but I do perform them . And I do perform all my.duties well. The agreement said. As we discussed during the process, you will be entitled to a Monthly stipend depending upon your Involvement in the project, As part of this, you will be paid INR RS 10000/- per month as your Monthly stipend based on your performance." I was told over phone that 10k is the monthly stipend but you can earn.even more based on your performance. Now at the end of the month I recieved 8k even tho I performed as sincerely as I could. When asked. [2/3, 17:02] UditaūüĖ§: Hey.. can you help me with something? Like I only recieved 8k yesterday but the agreement said 10k but did all my work !ūüėÖ [2/3, 17:03] Sharmistha : Yes 10k is the stipend amount out of which 75% is fixed and 25% is variable [2/3, 17:04] Sharmistha : Based on your performance feedback this was the amount So can they do this?

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