Patna | 12 Jul, 2022 (10 months, 3 weeks ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

Disciplinary proceeding against me an employee

I had bought few days of medicine with bill from first shop in one state but after that all my medical bills had to be made at second shop in a different state due to prescription date issues but purchase was still made from the first shop without bill. Prescription from both the shops were submitted but batch number of medicines remained same in bills due to which I am under the lens of vigilance dept for 1. Medical irregularities - batch number issue 2. Fraudulent medical claim 3. Malpractice 4. Misuse of medical facilities, CDA rule Also second shop keeper gave in writing to my company that he provided just the bill not the medicine. Any defence against above possible in official inquiry in front of IA(inquiring authority) ? Shall I accept, deny or partially accept or plead guilty to all the above 4 charges as purchase was made, just there was billing issue.
28 Jul, 2022 | 12:13

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13 Jul, 2022 | 00:26

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Shubham Pabbi & Associates

12 Jul, 2022 | 18:05

You will have to state your facts as they are taking in to consideration the relevant evidences you have to present in respect therein. If you have made any payments vide electronic mode through UPI or card etc to the shopkeeper then it will reflect in your bank statement so present the same or otherwise if there is any camera recording where you are seen purchasing the medicine from the medical store and making payments etc. So check accordingly and present your stand on the show cause hearing. Thank you.
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Adv Vaidehi Samant

Asker 12 Jul, 2022 | 18:39

this occurred during covid which led to this, proof of only some of the med was found upon searching. Also they have proof of bill with no purchase from second shop. My point is medicine was consumed, there was no monetary gain to me. what defence should I present


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