Bengaluru | 27 Jan, 2021 (2 years, 4 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

Defamation and induced resignation

Hi, I was employed with a MNC as a Senior Executive in Karnataka, handling a team of consultants. I was hired as individual contributor and in the very next year made the regional head of the function I supported. My rating in initial years were neutral. In 2019, my supervisor changed and with that my fortune as well. I was rated a 'Needs improvement - 4' (5 is the lowest) and asked to look out for other roles within the company or move out in 3 months if nothing materializes. There were no customer complaints against me nor was a performance improvement plan agreed per policy. My variable pay was withheld and all appeals to the organization to share evidence of poor performance with me were rejected stating due process was followed. The organization responded to me legal notice with rhetoric! What options do I have? 1. Can I plead my case before labor commissioner for arbitration? 2. Recovery u/s 33(c) of IDA? 3. File summary suit order 37 of Court of civil procedure? (Don't want to throw good money after bad money, by paying 10% court fees) 4. File a criminal cheating complaint with local police station (withholding variable pay without any evidence of poor performance)

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