Visakhapatnam | 30 Oct, 2022 (7 months ago)

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I wanted to know about 1 query, As my company has suddenly asked me to resign from the work, and also mentioning if i don't do that he will terminate me The company was newly started in the month of May 2022 named - Skill sequel Since my company wasn't providing me salary on time, i asked them why are you not paying us on time The CEO reply as you employee did not work on time, that's why we didnt get proper investor and the September month salary he paid on oct 12th After the CEO started bothering me for my work, that I'm doing it properly, and started telling and blaming me i didn't do this and didn't do that Today i had a call with him, and he is asking me for resignation I joined it on Aug Since the CEO was feom my previous company which i absconded for this one, he gave me offer letter from April He agreead to provide relieving letter to me, along with 3 month's pay slip, and an experience letter But saying i will give you salary in 45 days ? And he is not allowing me to put notice period
01 Nov, 2022 | 17:07

No employer can force you to either stay in the company nor bar you from leaving the company. Its against the very nature of Labour/employment laws.
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