New Delhi | 17 May, 2021 (1 year, 6 months ago)

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*Clint Office not giving joining during lock down*

I have received the offer letter from a new company, and my joining date as discussed with company was 14th April 2021, on the basis of offer received, i have resigned from my company and just before my joining to new company, lock-down started. now it has been 30 days, new company has not given the joining. neither they have cancelled my offer letter . they are waiting till the time lock-down gets over. do I have any legal options ?
18 May, 2021 | 18:10


I would suggest the primary choice to first try as much as possible to speak to the HR or some Managerial level person, so that later on at least you stay on good terms with the company, if at all you do end up continuing working for that company.

If you have already done that and vexed of it, then I would suggest that you can send them a legal notice that since they didn't adhere to the offer letter, you are giving them 15 days time to give you joining failing which you will leave the company and also sue them for the damage that they have caused so far (but be aware that your offer letter doesn't have any terms to say that the joining date can get delayed in the scenario of untoward situations. It would help, if you could mail your offer letter to me at, I could give it a read and then confirm, if you have a claim or not)

Send them a legal notice

17 May, 2021 | 19:17

What up number 9359867870

17 May, 2021 | 19:17

Ofcourse you have legal right
Company should have to give joining letter to you
I would like to see your offer letter
You can call me for advise on mobile no 9359867870


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