Bengaluru | 16 Jul, 2017 (5 years, 10 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws


I have missspropiate some govt money like rs 7500 due to error in account. I was suspended and then dischage me from duty. the post was casual in nature. I refunded money to government. I took place in july 2008 and repaid in 2008 but a FIR was registered in December 2009 and case was registered. My office was in under other police station station and my residence was under another police station, I never knew about the case suddenly in June 2017 I came to know that a case was registered and NBW is issued against me. What to do now1.According to charge sheet that Prima Facie is established but FIR lodge after one and half year without explaining proper explanation so it may indicate that there is vested interest of compliant.2.I assumed to not have hurt anyone physically, mentally,4.I never came to know about the proceeding as it might be the address which is mentioned F.I.R is not correct as my permanent and resident address available to compliant. Thus I am pleading that I was not absconding or evading the process of Law.5.I was not given any summoning by court or police, notice or any bail able warrant before thus I was deprived of any chance to defend me in the court. I think
19 Jul, 2017 | 16:06

You need to contact a lawyer and make an application for cancellation of NBW at the earliest to avoid being arrested.
Further you need to get a copy of the charge sheet and based upon the allegations and sections under which charges have been framed, decide on further strategy to be adopted. You would be required to contest the case and in case you have already admitted to misappropriation, you may opt to get it compounded from the concerned court.


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