Meerut | 18 Mar, 2021 (2 years, 2 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

breaching of contract

I was working in a company after completing 1 year internship there with 1 year agreement started from 17 August'2020, later on I was stressed and frustrated by the same project on which I have been working . Many times I conversed with my Team leader to change the project but all the time I was being told that they would do it as soon as my replacement is ready, although replacement being fresher took more time in getting hold over the complex client project. After bearing all the frustration and helplessness I gave resign on 2 Feb'21 that company did not accepted on 8Feb'21 due to my contract , on the other hand I was going through some family issues. In result of all, I left the work on 8 March'2021 and now my company send me the legal notice of Breaching contract and criminal Intimidation . How could they put Criminal Intimidation on me, in such conditions and what I must do now??

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