Chennai | 10 Mar, 2022 (1 year ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

Breach of employment contract

Due to my health issues I resigned my job but my company didn't respond to my emails and calls. So, I left without serving 1 month notice. After 20 days they said we will file a case against you and I said I am not well I can't take much pressure & work. They blackmailed about legal thing. So, I said I can manage my health & serve the notice. But they mentioned we understand the health issue and asked me to give the medical certificate and I shared with them. I have eye problem I lost 30% vision in my right eye along with this I worked but it created migraine headache. Because of the much office pressure I frequently got Migraine and I took pain killers lot that's why I resigned the job. The doctor provide certificate saying that my eye site is poor and mentioned the decease name. They rejected saying that the unfit word not in the certificate. So, I said ok fine I can manage my issues I will serve the notice after that no response from them and they sent me a legal notice to me asking to pay 1 month salary other we will file a case. What to do now?
10 Mar, 2022 | 16:06

Please reach me at 9794148274

10 Mar, 2022 | 12:43

Dear client
As per your submission it reveals that this is a matter of resignation letter on basis medical grounds,non acceptance and legal notice
Show me copy of legal notice and offer letter then we will discuss your case in detail
Also show me copy email of resignation
Please call me for advise on


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