Hyderabad | 09 Apr, 2018 (5 years, 1 month ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

Am not getting my reliving letter from my office

Am worked in a MNC company in India for 2 years(6 months before). I got better offer from dubai but they gave only 2 weeks time for joining(Dubai company).I gave resignation to my company, but they not accepted. My Hr told me to pay one month total salary so due to my financial problem I canceled my resignation and I lose my Dubai offer. Later I prepared to give my one month salary to my company as per my Hr suggest, So again I placed my resignation now my Hr and my reasonal head not accepting my resignation and they are saying that they don’t want my one month salary, and they don’t relieve me. So I leaved my company without intimation Now I joined in another company, my Hr called to my new company and he’s black mailing to my company “how you are accepting my employee without noc” so again I lost my job, I placed my resignation for 3 times till they are not accepting my reliving, even I said to them am ready to pay my one month salary. Now I need all my clearance like NOC, PF, experience certificate. So how I can receive my clearance.

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