Bengaluru | 23 Sep, 2022 (1 week, 4 days ago)

Cyber Laws

online loan fraud

Few days back I took a loan in some online applications called cash tower, EAS loans, Base Cash etc. For example if I applied for a loan of Rs.3000 they will transfer only Rs.1800 into my account rest of the amount they charged as service charge for the span of 7 days. And they stated calling me before the due date to repay my loan including service charge. It became a huge loss for me. After that I am getting some calls and messages from random foreign and indian numbers that I have to repay my loan but I didn’t any loans from them. These application people took all my data and blackmailing me to pay the amount but I didn’t any loan amount. They will send message in whatsapp that I am debt to them and to download the app and repay the amount when opened it I got shocked that they have sent amount into my account without my permission and also some applications are showing that I took loan from them but they didn’t send any amount also into my bank account but still in their application it is showing that I took loan. I don’t how those applications got my data. The applications which I have for once and settled it those applications also send loan amount into my account again.
23 Sep, 2022 | 14:51

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