Lucknow | 13 Mar, 2021 (2 years, 2 months ago)

Criminal Law

wrongfully confined a legal minor (female 19 y/o) for 1 year & threaten fiscally

I live in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh with my parents and am a gap year student figuring out which college to go to. For the past one year my parents have wrongfully restrained me in my house and do not allow me to go anywhere except walk around the society I live in. They do not let me have any social contact in-person and only expect me to stay at home all day not meet anyone and study. They also torment me everyday by mentally and verbally abusing me daily on my accomplishments and when answered back to not talk like this, they fight with me, my brother has actively told in the household that my no and my privacy means nothing and because of that they make sure to restrain me even more by threatening to cut me off financially if I don't obey their rules and stay at home at all times. they call me explicit words and tell me that I should die because I could not do anything and everytime I ask for what is rightfully mine such as basic personal liberties, they shout at me call me bad names and things and when I say something back they fight with me. I am very tormented here by the verbal,mental and physical abuse. Please tell me what I can do.

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