New Delhi | 03 Jun, 2021 (2 years ago)

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What can we do if someone else wants to grab parental property ..

We are two brothers as well legal heirs after the death of my parents.. One of our relative misguided my brother and made a forge will which was written on the three pages of a diary and registered it after around one and half year of death of our parents.. Will stated that the property is been given to my brother only.. And any decision should be take by the relative(who made the forge will) as a guardian.. Now that relative is not doing anything and sitting quietly.. Bank official are asking us to close the locker in the bank.. As my father is no more to continue the locker with the bank.. Relative is misguiding us by saying that you both brothers stay connected to each other and do not made any controversy in between you.. And relative said that I will distribute you your property according to my best.. But now it is almost two years he didn't gave anything to us and misguiding us by saying that wait for sometime.. I have all there call recordings and proofs against him about his tendency... Please tell me what to do... I am from Delhi and my father was posted as a first officer in Delhi govt..
05 Jun, 2021 | 00:12

if the will is registered after the death of your parents then the registration is not little import. Contact me and I need to file a case against those relatives and help you get back the property and get it divided equally among your brothers. I am available at 9013429126. My pro bono service are only for the poor.

03 Jun, 2021 | 11:21


Any fraud done has no place in law, so if you show and prove the contrary things would be in your favour

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