Bhopal | 12 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 7 months ago)

Criminal Law

West Bengal

Sir, My daughter has been tortured for dowry demand. Her matrimonial home is in state Karnataka. Marriage was solemnized in Jan 2019 at Merut, UP, where we were residing temporary in Govt allotted accommodation. Dowry was demanded at time of marriage at Merut . Permanent resident of victimized lady's father is Lucknow, UP. Now victimized lady is staying in Bhopal, MP where her father , a central govt employee, is posted. (a) Can she lodge complaint in Bhopal where she has taken shelter with her parents, but it is not place of crime. However she was demanded dowry telephonically, when staying in Bhopal . (b)Can she lodge complaint at Merut, where she stayed only 02 years during her father's posting and newer came at Merut after marriage. But dowry was demanded here also at the time of marriage. (c) Can she lodge complaint from Lucknow, where she was born and permanent place of her father, but mostly stayed out of Lucknow where ever her father got posted. Bhopal police refused to lodge FIR stating that crime has taken place in Karnataka, lodge FIR there. We are facing mental agony for last several months. Pl advise us so that I may save my daughter's life.
12 Jun, 2021 | 11:39

You can call me for advise on mobile no 9359867870

12 Jun, 2021 | 10:57

I'm sorry to know the kind of hardship and difficulty you and your daughter are going through. Let me assure you all jurisdictional issues will be resolved in your favour. Kindly contact me to help you go step by step in getting your FIR lodged in Bhopal. I can assure that your case will get lodged in Bhopal only under law. Whatsapp - 9013429126


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