Kailashahar | 13 Jul, 2021 (1 year, 10 months ago)

Criminal Law


I was in my M.Sc . After covid lockdown all the classes and thesis work has to be done through online classes . From the very first day my guide didn't guide me properly , whenever I used to ask for help , they did not for this I had to move to other senior for help. After all these scholars of our laboratory always used to provoke me and influence me to do PhD . But they used to manipulate and humiliate me every other day , someday they used to tell that they have seats and other day they told they don't have seats . They themselves used to influence me to do that . After a lots of misinterpretation when finally I have reached Assam University to talk they insult me and laughed at me for no reason . I don't have proof of all those incidents. I have been mentally harrassed from them as well as I was in a relationship turmoil with my ex boyfriend , he left me after six years of long term relationship for no reason. I have requested him each day to talk . My mind and body became more weak each day and I got anxiety and depression as a result.

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