Bengaluru | 08 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 9 months ago)

Criminal Law

Tortured by women phone calls and msgs

have met girl on matrimony site , we been meeting for 3months , we involved parents too, but later discovered she is very toxic 40calls or msgs if I don’t answer the call, i called of the relationship , even after that it’s been 3days I am still getting msgs and calls that I love u , Wr should I go , on the other side her dad asked not to call her (which I didn’t call) , I m mentally under pressure wen ever I my phone rings . Family is cursing me already that I played around , what I am suppose to do now .
08 Jun, 2021 | 16:05


Your problem is currently not at the stage of legal issue. If the girl or her family threaten you with false cases, then you can consult legal professionals.

08 Jun, 2021 | 13:49

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