Bhopal | 10 Jan, 2023 (4 months, 3 weeks ago)

Criminal Law

Someone has beaten me brutally

I was standing with 2 more friend on opposite side of road in front of his house and waiting for someone . Then the room owner came outside and said to us go from here don't stand here then I told we are just going in 2 min let my friend come to me then I will go .then he repeatedly telling to move from there in agreesive mode ,As we started moving from there he started abusing us again and again then we said why are you abusing us again he abuses very aggressively then we said if we also abuses like you then so don't abuse . He then bring stanchion with iron nails attached in it from his house and started beating us blindly . He beaten so brutally that left hand have a cut mark and it swell very big and his wife also attached with some household things from the top of the house . So what legal action we can take .
10 Jan, 2023 | 16:30

File a FIR against the people at your nearest police station.

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