Kolkata | 11 Feb, 2021 (1 year, 11 months ago)

Criminal Law

separation after live in relationship

I and a girl was in live in relationship we were living together having physical relationship but after a while I got to know she was prostitute by profession which she never told me and later on I got to know she was pregnant and she delivered a baby. after a while I was not able to accept her as she have hidden her background with me after which she told me to help for 1 year until her baby is little grown and now its 3 years she don't want to go back and I have to pay her expenses every month her house rent, electric bills, grocery everything I am paying. and now I have left nothing with me and I told her clearly regarding the same but she is now threatening me file an case against me and go to my house and let everyone know regarding this and she even says she will tell everyone I am her husband but we never married each other. Please do let me know what can I do as I cannot go to court due to family reputation. is there any way to get rid of this, Even I said her I will pay her some money every month and please go from here now she has agreed to it but I want to make some legal documentation against the same so she cannot claim anything in future.

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