Mumbai | 25 May, 2021 (1 year, 9 months ago)

Criminal Law

Road parking issue

Yesterday when i visited to repark my vehicle to my shop the neighbour constrainedly parked his vehicle in a way that my vehicle doesnt get parked( its an open road parking). After than he blamed me that i damaged his vehicle ( his vehicle was scrap) and then also i agreed to pay for damages but he threated me to damage my car in such a way that it should be broke . After then his son threated my father by threatning to beat him and that time my father got angry and told him that just show me how u will beat me . so this is the issue he thinks that he owns the road Past 2 times he has done the same act and even i made two nc in his name & i've made his vehicles siezed by traffic branch which was illegal. But still he is making me extorted to fight with him as i am a business man i dont have any criminal records on me so i am a commom legal following man So hence pls advice what should we do
25 May, 2021 | 19:12


Should not agree to pay anything for damages, if not paid don’t pay

Adv Shailendra

Asker 25 May, 2021 | 19:36

What should i complain to police for the same ?

Asker 25 May, 2021 | 19:35

He thinks that the road is his own and he can only park his vehicles.


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