Bengaluru | 05 Oct, 2019 (3 years, 8 months ago)

Criminal Law

Reopening a disposed case

One of my friend registered a complaint in 2017 regarding a guy who was physically abusive and also cheated on her and ran away with money. She moved to her native place after all this due to mental trauma. But 2 years later, the guy started stalking her and recently abused her again and tried to almost strangle her to death. She has lodged a complaint in local police station but they said that case is very weak and not much may happen. The guy is out on bail as of now. Please suggest if old case can be reopened and linked to new case as the guy must be punished as he is torturing the girl for almost 4 years now with no repurcussions at all and there is no guarantee that he will not repeat his behavior and stalk her again if nothing happens to him.

Strictly speaking every fresh act of stalking or abusing is a fresh offence and action can be taken against the wrongdoer. But in practice, it will be a herculian task for the victim to prosecute many complaints one after the other. However , in ur case a case is lodged in 2017, then there is a gap of 2 years . So take the subsequent incidents as new offences. File fresh report before police with brief introduction describing the earlier2017 case incident also. Contact a good lawyer in ur area and consult him in person .
It will be beneficial to you. Hope u will like this method. Goodluck.

Riya Malhotra
07 Oct, 2019 | 15:54

Thank you for your query. We can get it done for you. Request you to send us an e-mail and your phone number so that the customer operations team can reach you out.Also, you can contact us at +91-8448948496


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