Ahmedabad | 13 Apr, 2021 (1 year, 7 months ago)

Criminal Law

Relationship - which is taking a road of blames, fraud cheat etc

Hello, I met my old school friend who was separated from 1.5 years and not yet filled her divorce. I have helped her to find a lawyer and get her divorce done. She knew that I was interested in her, and I have not shared all the information with her, she and her parents cross verified my information, and they found either the information was not transparent or it was false. Still the girl tied the relationship with me, no matter her parents has not approved. But girl has accepted the relation. And she started physically involved also. I have that proof that she started physically. And she has asked me to clear mis understanding what her parents have, which I never cleared and I don't know what she has told to her parents. After 2 years of our relationships, she broke up with me, and she has given me her 2/3 credit cards to use. Phone number and email ID mention in that credit card was her only. I have used credit card for her purpose also and some for my personal expenses also. And that card were being used from almost 10 months to 1 year. Now when she broke the relationship. She warning me and blackmail me that I will file a police complaint that you have cheated me etc

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