Bhopal | 02 Jan, 2021 (2 years, 1 month ago)

Criminal Law

Regarding gifting the girl I love at her home by myself

Sir/Madam, I have delivered some gifts (mobile, earphones, smart watch, sunglasses, pen, bhagwadgeeta) to a girl I love at her residence on 25/11/20. I wrapped the gift box with the the company logo in which she works and found her address from voter list and prepared a fake courier invoice and pasted on it , so that it looks as if her company has gifted her. I delivered the box to her mother. The girl has blocked me on social media on 1 Dec. But, on 28/11/20, I received a call displaying a person associated with police (as per truecaller). I did't receive it. Then , again after 1 month on 28/12/20, same person called me, but this time I received it and the person confirms my name as said he is speaking from police. I disconnected the call and switch off that number then. Will I be arrested? Have a FIR been lodged against me? What should I do now?

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