Chennai | 10 Mar, 2023 (2 months, 4 weeks ago)

Criminal Law

P.G. rental company Truliv, Chennai scammed ₹4000 from me

I recently pre booked a P.G. for living in Chennai through this company called Truliv. They took ₹4000 as the booking amount which was refundable. They told me that they would hand over the room on Feb 15, 2023 but they denied me the property on the joining date making vague excuses and offered a property on the outskirts of Chennai instead which was too far from my Workplace. We had a discussion and they agreed that they I would have to pay only the remaining security deposit and they would let me stay in the new property for 5 days after which they would shift me back to the original property. But when I reached there, already midnight, they took advantage of my situation and demanded me to pay all the money which had to be made during onboarding to the actual property. I refused and had to roam midnight in the streets of Chennai looking for a hotel to temporarily stay. Later I even asked them to refund my booking amount of ₹4000 to which they agreed and said that they will do so within 10 days but it's already been 20+ days and they are bluntly denying to make the refund. Thus I need legal justice for the fraud, physical and mental harassment that I had to go through.

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