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Criminal Law

Need help frm lawyer for ipc 420

I was working in one consultancy ,wife and husband was owner of it ,they hired me for IT openings and handling team ,after 4months i was on field wrk fr hunting clients didn't go office for 1week, that time owner his wife and his wife sister posted govt job in olx ,that organisation govt ppl with video record caught them taking 10k money with candidate fr govt job ,after arrest I came to know they caught ,but I didn't went to station no one called me as well ,but after 6 months suddenly crime police came n said ,am A1 in case and owner given statment that I have given govt job openings to him to post .. Then I took bail now case has beeb CC .. Here they didn't give me any offer in these consultancy and also he paid me only on commission basis of it jobs .. So how to fight against it Is it possible to get out of case ? Need serious help plz My lawyer has not showing must interest and not giving any help me
15 Jan, 2021 | 04:12

One has to start by understanding why you are the A-1 in this case. Without a copy of the FIR, a detailed description of the nature of your work, details of your interactions with the complainants or alleged victims, particulars about the the nature of your relationship with the proprietors/owners of the Consultancy firm etc., no effective assistance can be provided.

Going by the limited information provided, things that might be relevant could include: 1. whether there is any evidence to show that you being a mere employee/commissioned agent, could have been the mastermind of this alleged racket- without any substantive evidence to directly link it might be difficult to make you the main accused; 2. the total income you have generated from your association with the consultancy firm- if you have only made a modest amount of money which is relatable to your commission and there is no seizure of any cash from you or discovery of any unusual financial activity, it might be difficult to prosecute you as the main accused. You may bring these facts to the attention of the IO. In the absence of more details and the relevant documents, the possibility and feasibility of resorting to other appropriate remedies under the law cannot be examined.


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