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My parents are in so much debt and still not stopping to fulfill their own wishe

My parents are in so much debt and still not stopping to fulfill their own wishes, they already forgot their responsibilities for kids, they even don't provide us (me and my younger brother) two time meal. They use to say that you're big enough go find your own place, in this house their is no place for you, My mother always use to abuse, yell and shout me and my younger brother who is just of 15 years like hell. We will not gonna provide you anything as you're not worthy of it. I want to ask you one thing that if my job has gone so I'm not worthy of it? before that i was when I was earning 40k per month? I left job because I don't want that to continue anymore and that's my personal decision that I want to open a business and get settled. I'm of 23 my mother forces me to get married I ask how? If anyone have daily violance at home then how someone can get married and bring someone elses daughter at home to feel the same way that we are feeling. I want gov to get this people mentally checked. My father recently join one more MLM network after getting failed in 4 MLM businesses before. He has fertilizer agency too. Has Lodge too but still he is unable to do anything for us and alway
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